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4 DIY home improvements with long-lasting effects

The UK housebuilding market might be enjoying a slow growth but homeowners are more and more reluctant to spare budgets for expensive home remodelling. Home improvement doesn’t have to be all about lavish property projects and complete home overhauls though.

Most of the time, it’s actually the little things that can make a big difference and help you attract prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your property. A bit of wear and break down in busy homes is normal and you shouldn’t have to worry about having to shell out huge sums of money every time you need to fix a problem in the house.

We’ve compiled a list of 4 easy fixes and repairs that should give your home a new lease of life.

1. Make a good first impression

Change a few things in the entry to give your home a fresher appearance from the moment you step in. It could be a new coat of paint, adding new exterior lighting or changing the entry door: you can find good middle of the range models from around £500. New accessories also go a long way: a nice doormat and a few plants will cheer your entrance right up!

2. Easy fixes in the kitchen

Your kitchen is most definitely the most important room in the house and with so much wear and tear, there are always a million things that need upgrading. For maximum impact and minimum time spent, consider changing the backsplash with new budget friendly removable tiles. Vinyl decals come in various designs and colours and it’s a sure way to add a little cheer in the kitchen while hiding any defects and give a fresh new look to your kitchen. Fresh paint and new door knobs on the cabinets will complete this cheap but effective overhaul.

3. Plumbing business

Anything to do with plumbing might seem like a scary and costly affair but you can definitely take care of numerous things before having to call in a pro. Changing leaky faucets in all bathroom and kitchen sinks is a good idea to start freshening up a plumbing installation and you can easily do it yourself. Removing any old mouldy or yellowing caulking is also a very easy one step process that should be taken care of on a regular basis.

4. Store ’em up!

There seem to be never enough storage in a house. Turn overlooked spaces in your home into new storage areas to hide all the clutter that’s usually lying around and make the most of your home. Numerous storage solutions are available in DIY or furniture shops and most projects, whether it be a custom storage closet in the entry or a new storage space underneath the staircase, can be done over the weekend.

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