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What To Do If You're Locked Out Of Your Home!


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Getting locked out happens to everybody once in their lifetime. It’s very annoying, embarrassing, and can be dangerous if appliances have been left on, or a baby is stuck inside. A lot of people leave their keys inside the home, or perhaps something has become trapped in the door. Here’s what people should do if they do get locked out.

Check the gate

After getting locked out, the best thing to do is to wait in the back garden till help has arrived. Often the only way to get into the garden is via the gate. It should be checked to see if it is open. A lot of people have locks on their gate. Try and lean over the gate to unlock it if you can. Once you are through into the garden, the back door can be checked to see if it’s unlocked. If not, there will hopefully be some garden furniture to be able to sit down. And perhaps even a garage or a shed where there will be some shelter.

Check your window

The first thing people should do if they are locked out is to check if any windows are open. If they are, and it’s wide enough, it might be possible to get inside and unlock the door. If it’s an emergency to get inside, it will be necessary to break the window. Find something sharp and heavy that will be able to knock through the glass. To keep the property safe, it will be crucial to get it fixed as soon as possible. Some people fix the window themselves. Or they contact a company to provide replacement window installation.

Break the door knob

When getting locked out, it’s important to check if it’s possible to get back in through the front door. If the door knob has seen better days, it might be easy to break. As this article explains, hit the door knob with any equipment that’s on hand. And then the rest of it can be easily removed, and the door will hopefully swing open. However, this can be a nightmare to repair so it might be necessary to contact a professional to help.

Contact the person with the spare key

The most obvious way of getting in after being locked out is to contact the person who has the spare key. They could ask a neighbor if they could borrow their phone to call them. Hopefully, the person with the spare key will be able to come to the home immediately. If not, a handy friend should be contacted who will be able to come and help.

Plastic Card

A surprising way to get back into a property after being locked out is to use a card to ease it open. Use a card that isn’t as important. Otherwise, it will be a wait before a new one arrived. As explained here, place it in between the door and the frame, then push it down and bend it away from the door knob. Hopefully, this will slide the latch back and will mean you can enter the home.

If these ideas fail, it might be time to call the locksmith to replace the lock so you can enter the property.

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