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5 Garage Door Storm-Proofing Tips

Often when we think about storm proofing, we think about preserving and protecting our indoor living spaces first. Too often the garage is forgotten, however the garage is extremely susceptible to the impacts of a storm and the damage can potentially be severe if you are not well prepared. Here are 5 garage door storm-proofing tips to help reduce damage to your home during a storm.

  1. It is quite common that storms with high winds can actually pull a garage door off of the building. This can lead to serious water damage inside as well as other dangers outside. To protect the door and your property, be sure to install a hurricane-proof or wind-resistant garage door that will be able to withstand serious, inclement weather conditions all year long. Check with your local area to find out if there are any codes in place regarding garage doors. Some areas that are especially prone to severe weather such as hurricanes will require that your garage door can withstand winds up to 130 mph.
  2. Choose the type of garage door that will best fit your home’s specific needs. There are usually two main options available. You may choose an impact-resistant option that will be most effective in protecting your garage from forceful objects that may hit the garage door. These doors are option made of materials such as fiberglass veneer or steel. Another option is a hurricane-proof door. These doors have an extra long steel track system as well as a framework that is twist-resistant.
  3. You can also install garage door kits meant to brace the door. These bracing kits can help prevent a garage door from falling into the garage space due to high winds or impact. Usually these are easy to install yourself with a drill. For two garage doors you will typically be able to purchase a retrofit kit with braces and hardware for around $500. Check to ensure that the track of your garage door is a minimum of a 14-gauge weight. You can find this information in the user’s manual.
  4. Install garage-door netting to your garage. While these should only be put up right before an approaching storm, it is wise to put them up ahead of time so that you are comfortable using them when necessary. The netting usually costs about $10 a square foot, so it will likely cost a few hundred dollars to secure a one-car garage space effectively.
  5. Check to see if your insurance company offers any discounts to customers who take the time, energy and money to install equipment that can storm-proof your garage. In many cases, your home will be cheaper to insure because the potential for damage is lessened and your home is less of a risk or liability in a storm situation.

All of these tips will help to ensure that your garage door is secure, keeping your home, property, and family as safe as possible. It is always wise to plan ahead and be prepared for the worst-case scenario. You can easily find most of this equipment at ABC garage doors and gates or your local hardware store. Whether you install these storm-proofing materials yourself or hire a professional, the results will provide you with piece of mind during all types of weather conditions.

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