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5 Tips on Furnishing Student Lets

Furnishing a buy-to-let property for students can often be a challenge. Unlike other buy-to-let homes, a student property can see much higher levels of turnover throughout the year. So how can you furnish a student home in the most cost effective and reliable way to suit not just one tenancy, but possibly several just in one working year?

Here are 5 great tips to get you started in furnishing rented accommodation for university and college students.

  1. Second hand furniture shops – second hand furniture shops are a great place to start if you are furnishing a student property for the first time. Many landlords are cautious about investing too much money in quality furniture collections for college and university students but a second hand furniture range can give you a cheaper and lower risk alternative.
  2. Student furniture packages – if you want to furnish your home in a cost effective yet stylish way or you want to attract a particular kind of tenant, furniture packages can be a very convenient way of achieving that. There are a number of student furniture suppliers that can provide you with a ready-made package so that means that every room is furnished with expertly designed and selected furniture pieces.
  3. Flat pack basics – if you want a quick and convenient way of providing the furniture basics for your tenants, flat pack furniture is still a very popular way of doing this. There are so many different flat pack furniture retailers who can offer you a low cost and low risk furniture option.  If you choose flat pack furniture, it’s important to bear in mind the need for furniture replacement after a few years of use.
  4. Bespoke solutions – many landlords may wonder why there is a need for bespoke furniture design when it comes to student housing but smart interior design can often bring some hidden benefits. If you want to ensure that your student let is kept in the best possible condition, bespoke furniture design can help you increase storage capacity, create more room in the property and provide a more ergonomically sound space for your tenants. 
  5. Rental furniture – if you have short tenancy contracts with students working over the summer or on short college courses, an option could be rental furniture. Rental furniture can often be rented at a minimum of 3 months so this gives you the option to turn a student property into a house fit for professionals in just a few months.

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