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Different Types of Alarm Systems for Your Home

Understanding the benefits of different burglar alarm systems – which one is the best one for protecting your home?

Earlier this year, The Independent released its national update of the UK’s biggest burglary hotspots with areas of Leeds and Bradford, North London, South East London and Manchester rising to the top and big concerns. But burglaries are a problem, not only in these surveyed hotspot areas, but across the whole of the UK.

Protecting your home with a reliable burglar alarm is the best way to ensure that you do not fall victim to a burglary crime. But which alarm system should you choose? Here we take a look at the different types of alarm systems available for your home.

Different Types of Burglar Alarms Explained

If you are unsure of which alarm system to get for your property, take a look at the different types of intruder alarms below. Or for even more information about alarm systems or buy your” > intruder alarm @ Quicksafe

Bell only intruder alarms – homes with alarm systems are less likely to get burgled in the UK and this is why homeowners should consider bell only alarms. These types of intruder alarms will sound when triggered.

Monitored alarms – these intruder alarms not only sound when an intruder is detected but you also have the ability to program in a set of telephone contact numbers, making this ideal for small business owners who want and alert when the alarm is triggered at a business location.

Wired alarm systems – these alarm systems will sound when triggered and also the ARC will inform the police. Not only this but these hard wired systems cannot be tampered with by a third party giving you the most resilient alarm system available.

GSM Mobile alarms – wireless alarm systems are great because they give you so much flexibility and control over the programming. Wireless alarm systems cover a wide wireless zone and give you peace of mind wherever you are in the world.

Are There any Other Alternatives?

Another choice for homeowners today, is the dummy alarm. Fake alarm systems are sometimes installed to scare away potential burglars who are scouting the area for targets. Although sometimes, a fake alarm system can act as a deterrent, they do not always work.

To ensure that you keep your home protected from burglaries, it’s important to install a reliable alarm system which is turned on every night.



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