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Sliding Door Systems – How they Work

Sliding doors make a great addition to the home; whether you are redesigning your garden patio or you’re looking at a stylish yet ergonomic bathroom design, sliding doors are great solutions for connecting or separating space.

The sliding door system is one of the most advanced and most reliable, giving us a world of options when it comes to building new properties. All in all, the sliding door system is also very easy to maintain for homeowners.  (Find out more or get sliding door hardware at Barrier Components. )

Where will You Find the Sliding Door System?

The sliding door system is a popular choice for homes of all styles and sizes and there are many ways in which the sliding door can be used.

The most common places for the sliding door include the following:

  • The exterior sliding door – this is the most popular for homes in Britain. The sliding door is used as an exit and entrance to and from the garden patio and many homeowners choose a glass patio to open up their living spaces to let more light in.
  • Sliding wardrobe door – sliding wardrobe doors are the most ergonomically sound when looking to save space in the home. Sliding wardrobes can make a bedroom feel larger than it is and give you ample built in wardrobe space for extra storage.
  • Sliding shower door – bathrooms and shower rooms can often be very small and tight spaces so a sliding shower door is the easiest way of making the most out of a small space.
  • Bedroom sliding door – a popular choice for small city centre flats, sliding bedroom doors are a concept inspired by Japanese interior design and it allows you to open up a small flat to make it appear more spacious.


How Does the Sliding Door System Work?

The sliding door system works similarly across all different uses, and a track is set within a frame, with the track being made from materials such as metal, vinyl or wood.  Plastic rollers are usually set at the top and bottom to ensure smooth sliding between the doors.

Sliding shower doors are usually light enough to not require the assistance of rollers at all.

Maintenance of sliding door systems are often not much of an issue for homeowners, with very little to no maintenance needed at all. Should you require any sliding door hardware, please visit a trusted website such as Barrier Components.



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