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Solid Wood Flooring Vs. Vinyl Flooring

For some homeowners, it may be an afterthought – but choosing the right flooring your home can change the look and feel of each room. Solid wood flooring has long been a favourite amongst property owners but a growing feature today is vinyl flooring which could be a cheaper alternative to the solid wood effect.

Whilst vinyl may still hold the reputation for being a ‘cheaper’ and more pocket friendly alternative, the design and manufacturing of vinyl flooring has come a long way today. Here we look at the pros and cons of both solid wood and vinyl to help you choose the right solution for your home.

  • Price – vinyl can often be a cheaper alternative to wooden flooring but there are now some top of the range vinyl flooring options for those who also want a bit of luxury in their homes. That being said, vinyl will still always be a shorter term solution when compared to wooden flooring.  So consider your time of residence before you make a decision on which flooring solution to opt for.
  • Range & Choice – there is no doubt that vinyl design has come a long way and there are so many different styles available to homeowners. The wood effect can be mimicked using vinyl flooring so the choice is endless. For a full range of what’s available, visit:
  • Durability – the price war is directly related to the durability of both wood and vinyl. Wood wins. There’s no doubt that you’re paying for a lifetime investment when it comes to wooden flooring and most property owners will find that the natural wear and tear of wood can be very charming in an old house. Vinyl floors are easy to maintain and very simple to clean but can fall victim to scuffs, marks and scratches very easily.
  • Upkeep and floor maintenance –choosing the right flooring for your home will much depend on your lifestyle. If you have a family full of kids or a very busy household then vinyl flooring could be the answer. Wooden flooring can last a lifetime and can look beautiful even when it ages but it also requires much higher levels of upkeep. Vinyl floors can be maintained simply be sweeping and mopping. On the flipside, vinyl flooring can also be prone to marks and scratches from your shoes whilst wooden flooring can be much more durable and resilient.

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