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Benefits of working in construction in the UK

The fallout from the banking crisis continues to be felt when it comes to the construction industry but fortunately in the UK the effects have caused less damage than elsewhere. When any economy undergoes a slowdown or a recession the property market is always one of the first areas to be hit hard and this has a knock on effect to the construction industry.

New projects become increasingly difficult to get off the ground and those that are underway often become liable to be effected by delays and cutbacks in size. This ultimately hurts those who work in the industry hardest, as jobs become scarce and people are laid off work.

In Spain, this has been a particular problem over the past few years where the property market has basically collapsed and the banks have thousands of repossessed properties languishing on their books. Apart from some always-favoured areas such as The Costa Del Sol, the construction industry in Spain has to all intents and purpose ground to a halt.

Construction in the UK

Fortunately the UK has escaped a similar fate and although property values fell and there was a general slowdown in activity in terms of new projects, the industry has generally fared well.

Major infrastructure projects such as Crossrail have continued to offer a wide range of opportunities for the skilled and unskilled alike andjobs in construction have maintained a good level of availability in most regions.

In fact, various reports and statistics show that the employment situation as a whole in the UK has been bucking the trends around the rest of Europe.

It isn't just the fact that the construction industry in the UK seems to have come through the worst of the crisis unscathed. There are many other benefits of working in construction in the UK. 


The health and safety record for the building industry in the UK is one of the best in the world, and regulations are strict in order to guarantee that workers can go about their jobs in the knowledge that all efforts are in place to make their working environment a safe one.

Employers who flout the rules stand to receive heavy penalties and there is also a good record of workers who are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident receiving generous compensation, unlike many other countries.


By looking at jobs on offer through agencies who offer professional recruitment in constructions, it is easy to see that pay levels in the UK are highly competitive. As well as the actual rate of pay, most UK jobs in construction come with added benefits and perks that make for attractive all-round packages.

Business confidence

Although the banks still seem reluctant to fund new projects, the ongoing major infrastructure constructions such as Crossrail and the possibility of the new high speed rail ink means the industry's prospects look good. A new housing boom may yet materialise if new planning regulations come into force, so the future of construction jobs in the UK looks very positive overall.

About the author

Written by Rebecca Mileys - a specialist recruitment consultant at Randstad CP&E construction and engineering recruitment agency.

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