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How to Bring More Outside Light Into Your Dark Home

When we wake up in the morning and open up the curtains in our bedroom or the blinds in our kitchen, while seeing the natural light from the sun rays is definitely a great way to wake up each day, there are actually quite a few health reasons for why it’s a good idea to do too. Natural light helps our skin to produce Vitamin D which ultimately aids in increasing our immune system. Plus, natural light offers wonderful support for our vision, it reduces the potential for mold and mildew growth and there is also research that supports the fact that it lessens depression and increases daily productivity too.

So, if you have a home that is darker than you would like and you want some tips on how to bring more outside light into your house, we have five tips for you below that will help you to achieve brighter results.

Select the right paint colors. There are certain colors that we can paint on our walls that complement natural light in a really powerful way. Although white is a traditional way to bring more light in, if you like to use more color, pale warm hues in shades of yellow, orange and red are highly effective. Also, if you are a fan of soft pastels, they can be a welcome addition too.

Get a door with a window in it. Sometimes, we’ll look around our house and wish that we had more windows. While you could pay a housing contractor to put in a few more for you, a cheaper route would be to actually purchase a door that has a window built into it. Some have some very pretty patterns that can add to the décor of your home (just make sure that the one you choose is made with high security glass).

Install some sliding glass doors. Speaking of glass doors, if you would like to brighten up your back deck or kitchen area, why not consider putting in some sliding glass doors? It’s a way to basically transform an entire wall in a room of your house to one big window. It can also help to lower your energy bills by leaving it open in the evenings in order to let the cool air breeze through.

Put in a tubular skylight. With more studies revealing how wise of an investment that it is to put in some solar panels or a skylight, it is definitely a home décor decision to strongly consider. However, if your budget is not able to do that right now, a nice compromise is to install a tubular skylight instead. What they ultimately do is reflect light through a tube via a small opening that is in your roof and while it might sound a bit complex, the cost to put it in is actually fairly low.

Purchase some new windows. If you’ve noticed that it’s time for a window replacement in your house, this might be the ideal time to get some new ones altogether. By purchasing ones that are double-paned, you can reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home in the summer and cold that creeps in during the winter months. This makes it OK to leave your shades or blinds open without fear of significantly altering the temperature in your house. It’s a way to let the natural light in while not letting your home’s electricity out.

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