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Best Ways To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching

Mosquito bites are potentially dangerous. This is because these tiny insects carry a wide variety of diseases, some of which can be deadly. That is why it is best to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes in the first place. This also eliminates the need to stop the bite from itching. You can chat to an expert in pest control near me to help protect your home from mosquitoes and eradicate the issue.

Of course, mosquitoes are small and can often bite you before you even notice. It is worth noting that it is only the female mosquitoes that bite, they use the protein from your blood to ensure their eggs have the sustenance they need to survive. The bite is actually a thin tube entering your skin and penetrating your blood vessel.

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Using Ice

The moment you realize you have been bitten by a mosquito you should get some ice and place it where you were bitten. Of course, the mosquito saliva actually numbs your skin slightly, meaning that you often don’t feel the bite. But, you will hear the mosquito whine and are likely to be aware of the bite.

Placing ice, wrapped in a cloth, onto the bite area makes your blood vessels contract. This reduces blood flow and the amount of blood that can be lost. At the same time, the ice will reduce or even prevent swelling.

Rubbing Alcohol

The next step is to use a little rubbing alcohol on the bite. Rubbing alcohol has antibacterial qualities, this will help to prevent any bacteria around the bite site from getting into your body. But, the real benefit of rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates very quickly, effectively cooling the skin as it does so. That’s another way of reducing blood flow and lessening the inflammation at the site.

Avoid Itching

This can be the hardest step. Itching gives relief and makes you feel better. However, itching also makes invisible marks on your skin which triggers the release of more histamine, this dilates the blood vessels, increasing swelling, blood flow, and the associated pain.

It may feel good but itching your bite only makes you want to itch it, even more, alter on.

Aloe Vera

There are many different creams and ointments on the market to help with bites. It’s worth having one at home. However, you should ensure that the one you select has aloe vera in it. This compound is effective at reducing the itching sensation and can even help the bite to heal faster.

Menthol is also a good additive as it cools the skin and reduces the size of your blood vessels.


Alongside the others, it can help to simply take your mind off the itch. Talk about something else and, if you can, laugh about something. When you laugh you will be thinking about something other than the itch and your brain is likely to forget the issue!

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