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How To Choose The Right Blind To Protect Your Privacy

Most people prefer to have privacy in their own home. Although you are unlikely to be doing anything illegal that doesn’t mean you want the whole world watching.

Curtains are an option to give privacy. However, while generally, effective a curtain can move and you may be able to see more through it than you realize. In short, the best option for privacy is blinds.

But, not all blinds are created equal. That’s why you need to know how to choose the right blind.

The Right Manufacturer

The first thing to think about, before you even start choosing a blind is to consider who has made the blind. It’s important to select a manufacturer and supplier that has a good reputation. They won’t just have an impressive array of internal shutters for you to choose from. They will also have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right one.

Know Your Blinds

Of course, to choose a blind you need to understand the different options available.

  • Venetian

The Venetian blind is a classic style made of lots of slats. You pull the cord and the slats change from letting light through to blocking it and the view. It should be noted that because the cord runs through the slats these don’t completely blackout a room.

  • Roman

Roman blinds are made of thick material and are often lined. This ensures they offer a high level of privacy and they will block the majority of light from the room.

  • Vertical

Vertical blinds work on the same principle as Venetian. Instead of the slats going horizontally across the window, they go vertically up the window. These offer privacy without having to sacrifice light. Even when closed they will let plenty of light in.

  • Shutters

Perhaps the best way to block all light and ensure complete privacy is to fit shutters. There are several different styles to choose from but they all serve the same purpose, to block all light and prying eyes. Shutters can be fitted internally or externally all types can be operated from inside.


When selecting the right blind for your home you need to think about the style of your home and your personal style. This, along with considering how much privacy you need, will help you to choose the right blinds for your home.

Don’t forget, when considering the style of your home it is important to check the style of other homes in the area. You don’t want to antagonize your neighbours!

Control Level

It is important to note that certain examples, such as the Venetian style, give you maximum control over the amount of light entering the room. Although the Venetian blinds aren’t the most attractive, they are a very practical choice.

Remember that you can also purchase blackout blinds that block out all light. That’s perfect if you want a good sleep.  You should also note that you should never fit a blind with a cord in a child’s bedroom. It’s possible that the child could injure itself.

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