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Building a Luxury Home

Building a luxury home is an undertaking that requires foresight and careful planning because of the investment involved. When you are spending a whole lot of money to build a really nice home it is important to do it right the first time or you may be doing some of it again at greater cost.

Find a Reputable Builder

Unless you are planning to build the home yourself or you are planning to be the general contractor and hire a number of subcontractors, the most important first step is to locate and contact a reputable luxury home builder. Talk to the builder directly and see what sense you get from the discussions. Find out if the builder has a show home that you can walk through and see the work first hand. Talk to others who have used the same builder and ask how pleased that they were with the work.

Talk to a Mortgage Broker

Speak to a mortgage broker and find out how much money you can borrow for your construction project. There may be many different options that the broker can find for you that you did not think about yourself. Once you get pre-approved for an amount of money, prepare a budget and allow for some cost overruns. Establish a ceiling that you are prepared to go to and stick to it.

Prepare the Basic Design

Think about all of the rooms that you will need in the home. Know how you want the overall layout to be connected and the main features that you will want in a room. Establish the size of the inside measurements of each room and then cut them out. Start piecing them together and then come up with a basic design sketch to see how the home will connect and flow. Prepare a list of all of the main features that you will want in your luxury home and then take the preliminary sketch and list of features to the builder. Talk to the builder and get an idea of the time and cost to build your dream home.

Get in in Writing

The builder should be able to provide you with a list of the basic steps of construction and explain the warranty that will apply to the home. Ask for a basic design sheet from the builder and a construction spec sheet that you can review. Inquire about how changes can be made as the build progresses. Ask about how long it will take and what it will cost. What features are included in the basic builder offering and what things will be extra. Ask the builder if the planned home will fit on the lot that you expect to buy and conform to all local regulations. Do all of this before you sign a contract with the builder.

Building luxury homes can be daunting but also very rewarding when you choose the right builder to help you through the entire process. After all we are talking about building your dream home.

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