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Buying To Let? Awesome Ways To Save A Fortune When You're Preparing To Rent

Lots of landlords like to buy cheap properties to rent out. Sometimes a cheap property means you’re investing in a 'doer upper'. If your new property needs some work before you let it out, then you need to factor the cost of those works into your investment budget. Taking on the building and renovation work yourself could save you the cost of labour.

Of course, even in a 'doer upper', there will be plenty of things that are salvageable. Repairing and cleaning instead of replacing is one way to save money. For example, carpets often have several years of wear left in them. But they can be dirty, smelly and unsightly. To bring an old carpet back to life, check out to see how it is done professionally.

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The cost of a professional carpet cleaning will be substantially cheaper than replacing and fitting a new one. You may also find you can clean other parts of the house effectively too. When you factor in the time it would take to get deliveries of replacement items, a cleaning session is very cost effective. It may be a dirty job that you don’t fancy taking on yourself. Professional cleaners will still be cheaper and quicker than ordering new items.

Time is money when you are a landlord with an empty property. To speed up the cleaning of your new property, start with a checklist. This helps you make sure you have tackled everything before handing the keys to a new tenant. Flooring, skirting boards, walls and ceilings all need to look fresh. Modern paint is usually hardy enough to take a good cleaning wipe. Woodwork also comes up quite fresh with just some antibacterial cleaning wipes.

Use a bleach-based cleaning product to bring grouting back to white. However, some are quite harsh and warn against doing this too often as it can erode the grout over time. Mould killing cleaning fluids can also whiten bathroom and kitchen seals. This is much quicker than stripping it all back and starting afresh.

Tiling can often be power washed or steam cleaned. Add a good scrub, and they may look as good as new. For a really grubby oven, it’s best to ask a professional oven cleaning team if it is salvageable. A new oven can be very expensive, so cleaning the old one may be in your best interest. If the counter worktop is damaged, you might need to consider replacing it. A sealer can often show up and may put prospective tenants off.

Are building an extension or converting a property? There are a few things you will need to consider such as new flooring and paint for the walls. These can be ordered at your local DIY store. Efficient project management will ensure your time is used effectively. You can find some examples of project management apps at the app store.

It may be hard work to bring a property up to a good standard, but it means you can save money. It may also mean you can charge a higher rent for a well-presented property. See how much you can salvage in your new property today.

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