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Incredible Changes That Would Benefit Your Property

My home is my pride and joy, so I like to make changes to benefit it whenever I can. You should try to do the same with your home. Here are some of the most effective changes me and my boyfriend made to improve ours.

Going Green

I’ve always been a friend of the Earth. Or at least, I like to think I have. So I place a lot of value of green living. The good news is, there’s plenty you can do around the home to be more eco-friendly. I’ll tell you about some of the stuff we did to go greener, and you can use it yourself. We decided to get solar panels installed to cut down on our energy bills (they also added value to the home). We also got a water tank put in the garden. All the lightbulbs in the home got replaced with eco-friendly LED alternatives. We set up a recycling system in the kitchen. Ad we made sure to turn all the power off at night. These are simple but effective ways to achieve greener living.


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New Roof

To start out, me and the boyfriend were fairly rudimentary DIYers. We adopted the learn-as-you-go approach. And this often set us in good stead. However, when getting more ambitious we needed to be sensible. We decided that we needed to get a new roof for the home. It’s essential to have the right roof because it protects the home from the elements. Plus it’s a security risk to have a damaged roof. We knew this was a huge and important task. So we decided to play it safe and get roofers in to do it for us. I’d recommend you do the same if you want to get your roof re-laid or repaired.

Wooden Floors

The key is to make practical changes that will also make the place look awesome. Now, to achieve both of these things you need to think hard. We considered changes we felt would achieve both these things. And the main one we came up with first was putting in a wooden floor. Carpet can be a nightmare in the home. Sure, it looks nice, but it’s a nightmare to maintain. Wooden flooring, however, is extremely durable and low-maintenance. And it has made the home look really trendy and contemporary. We get so many compliments from people now because of the hardwood floors.


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I would recommend a lot of DIY and home renovation tips. But one of the main ones I’d mention every time would be extending. Building any sort of extension on your property has so many positive points. We decided to go with a classic conservatory for our home. And we have benefitted so much from it. It gives us extra space in the property. We have an extra room that we’ve turned into a chill out area where we can sit with the folks and have a cup of tea! And the best part is it’s added considerable value to the property too!

Bathroom Remodel

It always makes me sad that so many people never bother doing anything with their bathrooms. I see the bathroom as a diamond in the rough. It’s a room you can make look amazing with minimal effort. I would suggest changing the colour scheme first. As well as focusing on making the room lighter. An extra mirror or two will help with this. You also need to decide whether you want a bath, a shower, or both. Many people like to stick with showers, but I love a P shaped bath. So we changed our old tub for one of these. And it’s helped with getting the bathroom as perfect as possible.

Renovate the Kitchen

You might have heard the adage that the kitchen is the most important room of the home. Take it from me, this is pretty darn accurate! Grant and I have found that the kitchen acts as the heartbeat of the home. It’s the one room that everybody wants to check out. And if you’re renovating with a view to selling for a profit (as we do) it’s essential. We decided that the kitchen we had when we moved in wasn’t quite what we wanted. It was a little cramped and old-fashioned. But being DIY lovers we saw this as an opportunity to fix it up. Probably what inspired us to buy it! So we knocked down the walls and went for an open plan kitchen. Now it’s much more spacious, welcoming and practical, and it looks cool!


If you feel like you’re not very au fait with DIY, I would recommend you start by painting. Painting the home can transform the way it looks and feels. And the best part about it is that it’s easy and accessible. You don’t need much experience or skill to have a go at painting the house. And if you go wrong all you’ve affected is the visual appeal. We sat down and made sure we discussed colour scheme before proceeding. Then we went and got the right paint and gave the house the makeover it’s needed for so long.

Double Glazing

I can’t stress enough how important and beneficial it is to have double glazing. There are plenty of benefits of getting it installed. When we first moved into our current place we didn’t have double glazing. So one of the first things me and the boyfriend did when we moved in was get double glazing installed. For one thing, double glazing looks great. The UPVC gives the home that modern, updated feel. But, if you want to stick with a more retro look you can always go with a wooden finish. We were also much happier about the added security that double glazed windows provide. Not to mention the savings we made on heating bills!


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There are so many changes you can make to help benefit your property. We kept in mind that we want to sell at some point in the future. So the majority of my changes were geared towards that. I tried to do things that would add value to the home, and improve it from an aesthetic viewpoint. You need to try to do the same with your home.  

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