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How To Turn Your Bedroom Into The Most Relaxing Place In Your House

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The bedroom is somewhere we all go to when we want to switch off. Whether that’s to go to sleep, or just take a little time out from life doesn’t matter. The point is, it’s the only place we can call our sanctuary. With this in mind, we thought we would go through some awesome tips to help you turn your bedroom into the most relaxing place in your home. Let’s get started right away.


There are two ways of looking at light. The first is that you need a lot of natural light pouring through the windows during the day. The second is that you need plenty of darkness as and when you need it, at whatever time of day. So, think about increasing your window size if your bedroom is unusually dark during the day. But, you should also think about using a heavier curtain style, or even blackout blinds if you ever feel the need to catch some sleep during the day.

You should also think about the lights that you use. Now, the main light can be as luxurious as you like. Take a look at this Florence Chandelier by Quorum International for a great example of style and sophistication. But, don’t forget to add lights and lamps at different levels. Come winter, when the darker nights roll in, nothing is cozier than lighting at various heights.


To really relax, you are going to need a lot of storage. Everything in your bedroom should have a home to call its own. Clothes need wardrobe space, books need a shelf, and anything that shouldn’t be on show should always be tidied away. There’s no way you can honestly sit back and relax when the floors are untidy, and there is clutter everywhere.

So, what should you do about storage? There are plenty of options out there, whatever style you theme your room. If you like the more natural look, for example, then seek out wooden or wicker storage solutions. Chests, shelving units and anything else that could help can all be found for next to nothing at thrift stores. So, get out there and get nosing around to see what you can unearth!


Colors play a huge part in relaxation, but again, it all depends on your personality type. Many people look to calmer colors like woodland browns and greens for relaxation. On the other hand, some people prefer brighter colors. Many homes - especially new ones - come with beige walls, and while many are happy enough with these, it can look a little dull. Try jazzing it up with some interesting furnishings, or placing single strips of funky wallpaper to break up larger walls.

One thing to bear in mind about colors is that they work in two different ways. You can have complementary colors, which look great together, but can seem a little bland. But you can also have contrasting colors, which will add a little pop to your room. Again, it all depends on your personality here, but both methods can have a positive effect on the relaxing vibes of your bedroom.

Do you have any advice for making a bedroom more relaxing? Why not share it with us in the comments section - we’d love to hear from you.

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