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Do I Need Rain Gutters?

Rain Gutters

A rain gutter is a trough or a narrow channel that makes up an entire roofing system. It is responsible for collecting water as it runs off of the roof of your home and diverting it away from the roof and the foundation of the house. As you will see after reading this article, there are a number of advantages to installing rain gutters on your roof.

Advantages of Rain Gutters

Protection of Your Basement -- One of the leading reasons for water damage including mold and mildew in the basement is not having a quality rain gutter system. Rain gutters will divert the rain from the walls of your basement to prevent this damage.

Protection of Your Foundation -- Another advantage of rain gutters is the protection of the foundation of your home. Diverting rainwater away from the home prevents pools from accumulating around the foundation. This can prevent cracks, water damage, and even foundation shifts. This is essential to prolong the life of your house and avoid costly damages.

Increases Appearance of Your Home -- Rain gutters increase the attractiveness of your home in two ways. First, it prevents rain from running down your roof and the sides of your home, a process which would normally result in mud streaks. Second, it prevents the foundation of your house from being exposed. This prevents unattractive discoloration around the foundation of your home.

Prevention of Wood Decay -- Mold, mildew, and wood decay are just a few of the problems that you may experience if you do not have rain gutters on your home. When rainwater comes down the roof, it needs somewhere to go. If you have a rain gutter system, then it is safely diverted away from your house. If you do not have a rain gutter system, however, this water will sneak into whatever nooks and crannies that it can find. This can cause wood decay, as well as encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Disadvantages of Rain Gutters

Potential for Property Damage -- If you live in an area that has cold temperatures, there is a high chance that water can accumulate and freeze in your gutters. This can be problematic for the rain gutters because water expands as it freezes and it can cause damage. There may also be damage caused by the water dripping down once this frozen water melts.

Landscaping Damage -- Another potential problem that you face is landscaping damage. If your rain gutter system does not divert the water from your landscape, it is likely it will trickle down. Choose a system that works around the landscaping design that you have around your home.

Potential for Dangerous Falls -- Many people dread gutters for a number of reasons. One of them is that they must climb up on a ladder, which leaves you at risk for dangerous falls. You can easily avoid this by taking the right precautions, or hiring a company to do this dreaded task for you.

Almost any home exterior expert, like those at Aerotech in St. Louis, will tell you the same thing -- the advantages of putting rain gutters on your home far outweigh the disadvantages. Additionally, there are easy fixes for the disadvantages of rain gutters, such as hiring a professional to make regular cleaning easier and re-routing the water, so it does not damage your landscaping. Consider these alternatives carefully before deciding rain gutters are not for you.

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