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Top 5 Reasons People Choose New Over Used Homes

When beginning the home buying process, most buyers start out with a list of their must have and nice to have features. After looking through several options in the resale market though, many buyers often come to the conclusion that they are just going to have to compromise on some things and likely not get exactly what they’re looking for. This doesn’t have to be the case, however.

Although choosing a complete, ready to move in resale home may seem like a good idea for some, the benefits of a new home can heavily outweigh the cons, and home buyers really can get exactly what they are looking for without any compromises. When building a new home, buyers can choose every detail even down to small items such as the kitchen backsplash and type of bathtub that goes in the master bath.

Below are our top reasons for building a brand new home.

1. Do it Your Way

Have you always dreamed of an open floor plan, a luxurious master suite, or even a funky, odd-shaped room? Good luck finding exactly what you want in the resale market. One of the most exciting prospects of building a new home is the fact that you can make it specifically to reflect your personal taste and style, guaranteeing your satisfaction. Many new home builders give you the option of flooring, cabinetry, exterior paint, and even layout. By creating your dream home from the ground up, you’re ensuring a place you will cherish for years to come, making it less likely that you’ll have to move anytime soon.

2. Brand New Everything

One of the biggest drawbacks of purchasing a home that’s already been lived in is the fact that every part of the house has already been used. Many times you may not even be aware of an old roof, worn out appliances, or a water heater on its last leg. That is until they break on you and require a hefty price tag to replace. With a brand new home, you can rest assured knowing all the pieces and parts are brand new and probably under warranty. Save money by replacing parts less often and not needing to spend so much on repairs for several years. You can also ensure your carpets aren’t stained with someone else’s food and drinks or a tub bestowed with a nice, rusted ring from someone else’s bathing. There really is no substitute for the feeling you’ll get when you realize that no one else has ever experienced your home before, and it really is all yours.

3. Safety First

When you purchase a previously lived in home, you usually have no idea who did the wiring, the plumbing, or the roofing. You’re forced to rely on the hope that they were qualified professionals who actually did a good job. And how many years has it been since the house was built? Some hazardous materials were not known years ago and could be lurking in the walls of an older home. When you purchase or build a brand new home, you can choose who comes into your home to implement important parts of it such as electricity and plumbing. The construction will be monitored and must conform to today’s standards and regulations, keeping you and your family safe. You’ll enjoy high-efficiency appliances and furnaces, environmentally-friendly air conditioners, and more.

4. Live Green

‘Energy-efficient’ was not even a term that existed in most people’s vocabulary until a decade or so ago. Older homes certainly have no built-in benefits when it comes to saving the environment (or your budget). With a new home though, you can enjoy the newest technology and cost-saving techniques put into practice in recent years. You can have triple-paned windows installed to keep out drafts, the highest-tech insulation technology for your walls, and air filtration systems that will keep the air circulating in your house pure and healthy. Opt for high-efficiency appliances such as stoves, water heaters, and washing machines to keep your bills low and save the environment at the same time.

5. Sense of Community

There’s no better way to build strong bonds than to build a new home in a neighborhood where everyone else is new to the community as well. You’re more likely to meet people with the same mindsets and in the same stage of life as you, since they are also making a huge decision to opt for a brand new home. Plus, since everyone is moving in at the same time, everyone is eager to make friends and build a sense of community. Many new homes are built with great neighborhood amenities for residents to enjoy such as swimming pools, club houses, hiking trails, and more.

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