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Great Improvements And Projects For 2016

Being a homeowner gives you plenty of opportunities to flex your creative muscles and test your DIY mettle. And this year could be a great time to start that new project, or get stuck into that home improvement at last. Of course, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are a couple of the best to inspire you:

Garage Conversion

So many people with integrated garages wish they could use that space for a good sized living area. It is also one of the most common conversions homeowners choose to do. Sometimes it is done out of necessity. An elderly relative may need to come to live with you. They will need downstairs sleeping quarters as the stairs have become too much to manage.

This kind of conversion often requires guidance from your local Government authority. It's often a good idea to find someone from the planning department. They are the best people to start conversations with about your plans. This is mostly due to the need to install new plumbing for toilets and showers that your elderly relative will need.

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Some homes have a garage big enough that you can create a small kitchenette too. This will offer your elderly relative a little more independence. The new annex may also prove to be a handy independent space for a maturing teenager too. There are several advantages of using pine timber for framing up the dividing walls. It’s easy to work with if you are doing much of this work yourself. You are likely to need qualified plumbers, plasterers and electricians for some of the jobs though.


If you don’t already have the foundations for what you need within your property, then why not consider an extension? Take a look up and down your street to see what there is already precedent for. You could talk to the owners. Discuss the local requirements for permissions and building regulations. Alternatively, why not call in an architect? See what the possibilities are for your property.

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Many people use extensions to create a bigger kitchen or living area. The aging population has fewer suitable places to live. This puts a greater demand on middle-aged home owners to provide.  An annex or downstairs bedroom for their parents to live in might be needed. This often requires an extension when the home is not suitable for conversion.

Lots of homeowners extending their property for an annex should think about the use of the new space in the long term. It will still be there beyond the immediate needs. Building an extension is usually more expensive than converting an existing area of the home. Heavy building equipment is needed to dig out the foundations. And a qualified architect needs to submit plans. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a DIY project, there will be plenty to do during the fixes.

Why not use 2016 as the year to take the plunge and make your home even better? Even if you’re not hands on, a project like this can vastly improve your lifestyle. What’s your creative vision for your property?

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