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Do You Really Need a Step Ladder?

The ladder is quite obviously an essential of any construction professional. Whether you’re a builder, window fitter, insulator or even cleaner, ladders are a crucial piece of equipment. The issue is, there are actually a number of different types of ladder, and you might need one set of ladders for one job, and a different pair for a different job. Ultimately, this could be quite costly, so you might start to wonder, do I need step ladders, retractable ladders and a set of regular ladders?

A Brief History of the Ladder

Ladders have been around for a long time. It’s believed that the basic concept of the ladder has been around for at least 10,000 years, with evidence coming from cave paintings in Spain which appear to depict a primitive form of ladders in use. The earliest ladders were likely to have been made of rope – the type which is still in use in many parts of the world today. Then came the wooden set of ladders which are stronger, and can still be relatively tall. Finally, in 1862, the step ladder was invented by John H Baseley of Dayton to allow for portability enabling easier transportation. As you can see, the ladder has a long history that stretches back centuries.

One Fits All

With such a wide range of ladders available on the market, you might be wondering which is the most suitable type for you. After all, you only have so much capacity for transportation, and perhaps more importantly, you only have so much money to buy your equipment with.

There are really only three types of ladder you’ll need to consider:

• The first is the traditional, long set of wooden ladders. Nobody uses rope ladders anymore in the developed world as they’re flimsy and potentially dangerous. Wooden ladders, by contrast, are relatively strong, sturdy, and can be used to elevate you to the tops of houses. A downside is that they don’t retract, so if you have a long set, carrying them round can be a problem.
• The second is the retractable ladder. These are more modern, and are therefore generally made of metal. With a sliding design, these are much more transportable and will easily fit into the back of a regular van.
• The final option is a step ladder. More modern still, step ladders like the ones available from Globe Ladders are probably the most versatile form of ladder on the market.
Ultimately, we’d suggest that if you only have a small budget, choose a step ladder. As the most versatile, you’ll get more bang for your buck and you can progress from there.

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