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Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Make the Ceiling in Your Home Look Higher

When you were first in the market for a house, one of the things that you might have found yourself looking for was a place that had high ceilings. Not only does it help to provide the illusion that the rooms inside of a house are larger than they may be, but high ceilings also bring about a lot of elegance and charm as well.

Of course, if you’re reading this article, then it’s a pretty safe assumption that you didn’t get ceilings that were as high as you wanted. That’s OK, because there are actually a few things that you can do that can make your ceilings look higher anyway.

If you’d like to know about some of the tips and tricks that can bring about these kinds of results, we have provided you with five of them below:

Put a gloss on your ceiling. Although there aren’t a lot of us who tend to put a lot of thought into the kind of finish that we use on our ceilings, if you want yours to appear like it has no real ending to it, we recommend that you use a paint that has a high gloss finish to it. Just make sure that you go with one that is a low-VOC brand like Yolo Colorhouse, Harmony Interior Latex and Green Planet Paints.

Paint a diagonal line. Speaking of painting, something else that you might want to consider doing is painting a diagonal line on an accent wall. It will automatically cause you to raise your eyes to above the line which will also give off the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Try some low furniture. Here’s a trick that you might not have considered before: How about putting lower furniture in the rooms where you want your ceilings to appear higher than they actually are? This can be especially effective if you are opting for a room that has a lot of windows and/or a really great view. By “low furniture”, we mean pieces that do not have high legs; perhaps like a futon (for example).

Use patterned drapes. If you were to ask a customer sales associate at a company like for a tip on how you can make a ceiling look higher , something that they might recommend that is both quick and really affordable is to purchase some patterned drapes. The reason why this works is because patterns along a windowsill will provide the feeling of there being an increased level of height. It’s even better if you make sure that your crown moldings are in direct proportion to your window treatments.

Install some uplighting. One more thing that can make your ceilings look higher is if you install some uplighting. That’s because by using light to bounce off of your ceilings, it results in them getting a lot of visual height. So, whether it’s some sconces, torchieres or even cove lighting, look into getting some new lights for the rooms where you want your ceilings to soar. For more information on great lighting for the rooms in your house, visit a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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