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Five Essential Power Tools for Home Improvement

If you have a list of house chores that is getting longer and longer, perhaps it is time you invested in a set of power tools. The right tools will allow you to take care of an array of jobs without any problems, quickly and efficiently. But what should you buy? Here is a list of the top five essential power tools.

1) Electric sander

Sanding is a job that can take many hours, and if you want to sand a wooden floor it is just not practical to do it by hand. This is where an electric sander comes in. For all your wood smoothing needs an electric sander is ideal and it will save you an awful lot of time and hard work.

2) Pressure washer

A pressure washer is a good buy because it is effective and also quite versatile. You can use a pressure washer to clean your car, for instance. But alternatively you could jet wash your patio, driveway and paths and remove any grime from them. This will prevent the need for professionals to clean your property and your vehicle, saving you a decent sum of money over time.

3) Nail gun

If your efforts with a hammer and nails lead to more bruised thumbs than erected shelves, perhaps it is time to get yourself a nail gun. This is a supremely effective tool that can save you hours and a lot of nasty injuries, if you’re on the clumsy side.

4) Electric drill

A huge number of DIY jobs just aren’t possible without an electric drill. Yes you can still find the manual drills where you have to wind the handle, but do you really want to struggle with one of those when you can use a battery or mains powered drill instead? Of course not, so whether you want to build some drawers or convert an attic, you will need a decent electric drill.

5) Power saw

Manual saws are cheap and they are quite effective, if you just need to cut a couple of pieces of wood. But if you really want to throw yourself into some home improvement work that requires a lot of timber to be sawed, a power saw is a wise investment. A power saw is also useful for people with wood burning stoves, as you can then turn any old scrap wood you might have into stove size pieces that will help keep your home warm for free.

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