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Get Familiar with the Healing Properties of Gem Therapy and Crystals

People across the world for centuries are using gem therapy or crystal as a way of healing. Though their healing properties have not yet been proven. However, most people believe that it can change one's energy be it physically, mentally or spiritually. Gemstones generally carry vibrations which can transform the aura of a person.

Healing Properties

Take a look at the various healing properties that gem therapy can offer,

  • Calm- Amethyst can relax and soothe a person and no wonder we often see it in spas. This crystal can help in purifying the aura, settling thoughts and vibration. Then there is Agate that can assist in promoting tranquility and peace via bringing stability. The other types of crystals that are also used to calm a person include Blue Sapphire, Rose Quartz, Jade, Aquamarine and Calcite. Always choose Michal and Company geode stones for maximum benefit.
  • Strength- The fact is strength can be in different forms- physical or mental. At times people need some confidence, energy, and strength or an emotional boost. Crystals like Turquoise, Morganite, Onyx, Jasper, Hematite, and Agate can provide inner strength via aiding to manifest one's highest potential, build self-confidence and heal emotions.
  • Balance- No matter one's goal is to restore inner balance, seek guidance in balancing life or balancing their spirit, body, and mind, gemstones/crystals can act as a savior. Amethyst and Turquoise will help in balancing via bringing peace and focus for that emotional centering. The other stones that can help to promote harmony and balance include tourmaline, moonstone, agate, emerald, and garnet.
  • Clarity- One crystal at times can offer multi-purpose because every emotion has a link with another. Citrine, for instance, is related to strength and confidence owing to the emotional and mental clarity this can bring. Hematite, Azurite, Quartz, Topaz, and Diamond are again popular gemstones which people use for clarity with each providing an opportunity for resetting and focusing the mind.

How to Use Crystals?

While selecting crystals, one needs to follow their intuition. Often the crystal that they are drawn maximum too is what they require. Crystals, however, are not any magical cure. The wearer needs to set the intention for their crystal indicating it precisely as to what they expect it to do. After choosing the crystal, the wearer should recharge as well as clean it via setting it either in moonlight or sunlight for one whole day. Every time they do it, they need to reset their intentions for their crystal. You can use the gemstones or crystals while meditating or praying as part of the ritual. The wearer can wear or carry their stone regularly with crystal-based cosmetics and skincare or crystal jewelry.

For years, people have widely used crystals for its healing powers. All across the world, ancient cultures used stones and healing crystals for aligning, clearing and transforming the energy, physical health, and spirit. Their metaphysical powers were indeed no mystery for ancient cultures who constantly adorned their jewelry, bodies, and buildings using such sacred stones. So, use the best crystal or gemstone and take pleasure of its multiple healing properties.

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