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The Wonders of Renting Residential Dumpster Services

Most of the urban population, leading a busy lifestyle, having plenty of work commitments on a daily basis, find it difficult to keep up with the daily household chores. In the quest to emerge successful in the millennial rate race, each one of us is focused so much on our daily work schedules, that any activities outside the scope of these schedules are just impossible.

 One such household chore, which when neglected can become the biggest headache for you, is managing your garbage. For starters, it’s firstly a pain to gather all your garbage at one place. It requires a lot of time and effort if there are different types of garbage like sewage, old furniture, debris, etc. and then to top it, the problem of disposal is even bigger.

Different Ways to Manage Your Household Garbage and Which is the Best Way

There are three ways to deal with the problem of garbage management. The first way is that you gather and dispose of it all by yourself. For that, you have to gather all garbage and then find a garbage disposal center nearby your house. This is the most cost friendly way because there’s zero cost involved. But the amount of time and effort is neither available to anyone nor affordable. The second way is that you outsource your garbage management process. From gathering to disposal, everything is done by professional service providers. This is the best way if you don’t have any time and effort to devote to this job. But it is also the costliest way and therefore chosen only by a few.

And the third and final way is relatively new and probably the optimum solution to your garbage management problem. Under this way, you only have to do the garbage gathering part while the disposal is done by a residential dumpster. You have to rent the services of a residential dumpster service provider. This is the most efficient and cost-effective “Do It Yourself” way of garbage management. The rental cost involved in hiring the residential dumpsters is very less as compared to using the services of professional garbage management service providers. Nowadays there’s an emergence of many dumpster rental service providers in different locations in the United States. For instance, you can hire the services of Best Dumpster Rental BTDT Portland, if you are living in the State of Oregon.

Advantages of Using Residential Dumpsters Service to Solve the Problems of Conventional Garbage Management Solutions

  • Predefined Schedule of Garbage Management helps Save Time: As mentioned above, millennial population is always short of time. So obviously you will want your garbage management as fast yet effective as possible. Rental dumpster service providers work exactly in this manner. The professionals inform you in advance when they will drop off with the dumpster at your place, how much time you have to put your garbage in the dumpster and when will the dumpster get picked up. This helps you to properly schedule and execute your garbage management process in the most organized manner.
  • Perfect Size of Dumpster allows you to Dispose of Waste of any Size: There are many cases where you have to dispose of unusually larger size of wastes. For instance, in case you've had renovation at your house and there is a lot of heavy debris to be treated, huge old furniture to be thrown away like cupboards, sofa set, bed, etc., then using the conventional method of self-service would be impossible while professional help could cost you a fortune. But with the huge size of rental dumpsters, you can easily fit all of your debris and furniture in a single dumpster. This solves your space and transport constraints of garbage management.
  • Cost and Time Saving: According to a survey, on an average, it costs an American as high as $200 - $350 for a single heavy-duty garbage management process with professional help. And without the help, the value of time lost is also more or less unaffordable. But a normal dumpster rental costs as much as $100 - $130 maximum. While the time saved is pretty significant given the shortage faced by the millennial generation. This means you not only save around 50% - 60% on costs, but you also save valuable time.
  • No Legal Implication or Worries about Segregation of Waste: In many countries, including The United States, there is strict law for garbage disposal. You have to mandatorily segregate your waste into bio-degradable and non-degradable waste, normal and biomedical waste, dry and wet waste, etc. But if you use the service of rental dumpsters, all you have to do is dump all the waste together into the dumpster without any of these worries. The complete segregation and separation are done by the service providers.
  • Customized Dumpster Services Available: Sometimes, dumpster service providers also provide you with customized garbage management plans, under which their professionals also do the gathering work for you with the total rental costs still below the normal industry professionals. Also, even if your complete garbage doesn't fit in a single dumpster, you always have the option of using another dumpster with little additional cost.


In today’s hectic life, where everyone is in the quest to be the best, there’s not much time for household chores like cooking, cleaning, garbage management, etc. This is because all these activities consume valuable time and some also require a cost. One such activity is garbage management which involves collection of waste from different parts of your house and surroundings and disposal of this waste. It can be done all by yourself only if you have ample time to devote to it, which is rarely a case. Therefore, using professional help is a good choice but that too requires a lot of expenditure.

So, a viable alternative would be the one which provides the best results in terms of cost savings, time saving and efficiency. Using rental residential dumpster service is just that perfect solution which collects garbage at your doorsteps, at minimum cost thus solving the time and cost problems. And it also provides greatest space utility as it can fit wastes as large as debris, old furniture, etc. And you also don’t need to worry about the legal compulsion to segregate your waste, as the professionals do it for you.

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