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Polished Concrete Gold Coast Flooring Guide — Dealing with Floors

As a homeowner, there are a lot of worries you’ll have to deal with. The electrical system of your house, for example, requires to be properly maintained at least once a year to avoid any complication that might require the replacement or repair of a component inside it.

Another good example is the roof, which requires proper care to avoid leaks that might damage the walls and floor of the house, as well as any furniture and appliance inside it.

Pipelines, walls, paint, furniture, interior design… There’s a lot to consider, but one of these things is the flooring. And that’s where a kind of new alternative arises: polished concrete.

This article is for the people looking for guidance when it comes to dealing with the floor, and want to know more about polished concrete and the available alternatives they can pick from.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete

The thing about concrete, is as you might have imagined, is that is a rather affordable, yet very consistent material. Polished concrete, specifically speaking, works similarly to regular concrete, but undergoes a process that ultimately turns into a flat, smooth surface for safety reasons.

One of the processes required to create this material needs a chemical compound known as a hardener. This chemical not only hardens the material but also makes it dustproof, making it not only viable as a house flooring with medium to high traffic, but it also makes it rather fancy looking in comparison to regular concrete.

What’s so great about it is its lack of maintenance in comparison to other types of flooring that are mostly composed of tiles of different materials, like wood and porcelain.

With that said, it is still very cheap, but you might require the help of a professional for a proper installation. We recommend to visit sites like for more detailed information on the matter.

When to go for Polished Concrete

Here’s the thing: regularly, a homeowner would not be got for this option. The reason is simple: it might not be an aesthetically pleasing alternative for those who want their houses to look good and in alignment with their aesthetics.

Sure, there might be people who find this material to be attractive enough, and you might as well consider using it in some extensions of your house, but ideally, it should be used along other components to make a resonating effect in where an area of your house looks good not only because of the floor, but because of the compound of different parts, be it furniture, paint, and decorations.

If you decide to go for polished concrete, you have to consider the reason people often choose it: because it is more resistant than other floor types, and works great for highly trafficked areas.

It also looks good, and the smooth surface, as well as its resistance to dust and other harms, makes it a rather safe option for places like a garage, art room, and living room. If you are a homeowner, you might want to think twice when to use this floor, but for business owners, it has many functions that can be explored in different areas.

Either for regularly visited areas by customers or areas that are constantly trafficked by your employees, a polished concrete floor can provide enough aesthetic value and moderate to high resistance quality, at a rather cheap cost and low-level maintenance.

Other More Common Choices

Porcelain tiles tend to be the way to go when it comes to choosing a floor. Its durability is in pair quality with the polished concrete, but its aesthetic value might make it a more expensive alternative.

Still, it has a lot of value for people who are looking to make their floors look great and align with their sense of aesthetics, so it might be a better choice if you are into interior design.

Luxury vinyl is another good choice since is rather cheap and its durability is also good. It makes for a very safe flooring for children and can be rather comfy if you enjoy walking around your living room, office, or restroom while barefoot. What’s so great about it is that finding different patterns and colors is very easy in comparison to other types of tiles.

Luxury vinyl might be a great choice for those who don’t like to take care of their floor on a regular basis since it doesn’t require the same level of maintenance and hard work in comparison to other types of floors.

Wood tiles, of course, are also a very viable option, but they are known for being rather expensive and requiring much more maintenance than other alternatives. With that said, they are one of the most aesthetically pleasing options the market has to offer.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional Flooring Company

Home renovations, and installing new components to a house, can be difficult depending on the type of component. For example, painting is something that everyone can do as long as they have the tools and understand the basic logic behind it, yet, dealing with electricity is much more complicated and can cause problems to you and your house.

Flooring is a rather difficult spot for DIY. I would say that it depends entirely on the type of flooring you decide to go for. For example, luxury vinyl is easy to manage and as long as you know the measures to put the tiles, you’ll be fine. Some wood tiles and porcelain tiles are also easy to deal with if you have the tools and experience.

With polished concrete though, you should really rely on a professional to do it for you, because polishing the actual material requires knowledge and experience, and if you don’t do the chemical processing properly, you might ruin the final result.

If you are interested in knowing more about the DIY trend, you might want to check this article over here to understand more about the things you should consider venturing in and which activities and tasks you should leave to professionals to avoid any problems and complications.

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