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Avoid these expensive home repairs and projects

Owning a home can get expensive—especially when you get hit by urgent and surprising repairs. Here are some of the priciest home projects and what you can do to potentially avoid them.

Replacing your HVAC systems

Air conditioners and furnaces are expensive. Each can cost you thousands of dollars to replace. As a homeowner, it’s in your best interests to do what you can to take care of your current cooling and heating systems and extend their lifespans. Otherwise, you might need to have new HVAC systems installed every 10 years!

The best thing you can do to keep your air conditioner or furnace running right is scheduling annual tune-ups. Yearly preventative maintenance from an HVAC professional can take years off your system, allowing it to run better and with less overall wear-and-tear. Ultimately, that adds up to a longer system lifespan.

Call and schedule these tune-ups seasonally, accounting for where you live. For example, if you live in sunny and warm California, you’ll need to get your air conditioner tuned up earlier in the spring than you would if you lived in Boston or Chicago. Call a local company for heating and cooling in Fresno, California and get on their schedule in the early spring.

Sewer line clogs

Not all plumbing issues or problems are avoidable. Sewer line clogs, however, are something homeowners can typically avoid with the right precautions. Most sewer line clogs are either caused by a blockage formed in the line by food waste, or by expanding tree roots.

Schedule an annual sewer line camera inspection with your locally trusted plumbing company. They’ll use a camera tool to look into the line for any signs of a clog in formation. Armed with this knowledge, you can then take steps to have them clear out the line and avoid the mess and stress that comes with a sewer line blockage.

Ductwork installation

If your home doesn’t currently have ductwork, you’ve probably already discovered that having ducts installed can be incredibly expensive. Yet, most homeowners end up biting the bullet and getting the project done so they can get cooling and heating. But, there’s another option: ductless HVAC systems. These wall-mounted systems provide your home with indoor comfort, without the need for new ductwork installation. They’re a great fit for historic homes, home additions, guest suites, and more.

Talk to your local HVAC experts about whether or not a ductless mini-split system is right for your property.

Save money (and stress) by avoiding costly repairs

Owning a home is a bit of an adventure at times. Surprise repairs are inevitable. However, you’ll want to put the time and effort into avoiding the costly repairs and projects mentioned above. By doing so, you’ll keep more of your hard-earned money in your wallet.

To learn more about the most expensive home repairs and the best ways to go about avoiding them, be sure to check out this infographic.

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