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Reel Lawn Mowing Tips for the Best Results

Your lawn deserves the best treatment, and as the owner, you must be taking care of your lawn and garden. Nobody loves an unmaintained lawn, and you must not let that happen as well. So if you have to mow your lawn, you must be going for something that is pollution-free and doesn’t make much noise. Reel mowers are way better than the other mowers in business, as it doesn’t make much cacophony with less usage of electricity or gas, yet they serve your purpose. The mowers come with a design that helps you in the entire 'mowing process.' You don’t need to take much pressure while mowing your lawn if you are using the reel lawn mowers. Try out the best reel lawn mowers for the best mowing experience.

This article will tell you all the tips and tricks of reel lawn mowing so that you can expect the best results.

Using the Reel Mowers Perfectly

Reel mowers help in trimming the grass more like a barber. The entire process is too smooth and easy. You won’t come across any kind of problems on the lawns which are more susceptible to pests. So let’s now start with the reel lawn mowers’ tips.

You may be Mowing too Often

Mowing too often can result in certain kinds of problems. You can mow the lawn at a maximum of 5 to 7 days alternate days. There are two kinds of grasses growing in your lawns. The warm-season grass, which includes buffalo grass and zoysia, grow in the hotter months, while the cold grasses like the bentgrass and the ryegrass occur mostly in the fall and the spring.

You should be mowing a bit less in the off-seasons, so as to let the grasses grow deep with the roots. So don’t mow much in such a case if you don’t want to end up with grass seeds.

Knowing the Height

You must try maintaining a suitable height while mowing the grass lane. This will keep the quality maintained along with preventing any kind of heat damage. As far as the minimum height is concerned, it depends on several factors, including the grass type, the prevailing season and the present conditions. Bentgrass finds its place mostly in the golf courses, thus demand to be cut up to a certain height, while ryegrass is mostly for the gardens. You can follow a simple rule of keeping your lawn grass shorter in the winter days and just the opposite in the dry summer days. 

Taller grasses have long deeper roots for moisture, which are thus perfect in the summer months. The grass blades also act as a shade to the soil, thus helping in preserving the soil moisture.

Mowing Tall Grass

You shouldn’t be thinking of cutting more than one-third of tall grasses. If the grass is really tall, you will need a few days in getting the desired height. Think of giving a two days gap between the mowing of the grasses. You need to adjust the height that you are thinking of chopping off. You won’t be doing it at one go. Always think of the height that you want the grasses to be and go for it.

Therefore, if the ideal height is somewhere near two inches and the grass height is around 4 inches, you must break down your action in two days. On the first day, you can be cut down one by three inches, with the rest 0.6 inches on the other day. That’s how you must progress with the mowing process.

Wet Grass Conditions

Refraining from mowing is the best thing to do in the case of wet grass conditions. Wet grass itself becomes difficult to mow. Besides that, there can be soil compressions for saturated lawns.

Leave the Clippings Alone

Lawn clippings happen to be rich in nitrogen and act as one of the best fertilisers for your lawn. Try to mow the lawn, allowing the clippings to fall on their own. You can swipe the pavers and the sidewalks, but try to leave the grass that you have just cut.

After one or two days, the clippings will be making their way in between the grass blades, preserving the moisture and helping the little plant roots.

Cleaning up the Edges?

Try to clear the edges of your lawn too, as we forget to clean the edges. You may look for a cutter that comes with a nice angle for its wheels. So take the help of your reel mower and clean the edges for a better look.

So these were the tricks for mowing the grass lawn. Even though reel mowers don’t require much maintenance, try to take care of it and use the tool properly.

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