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Structurally Insulated Panel - Businesses Porfitabilty & Reputability

As a business owner, profitability is everything. All year you and your team bounce from project to project with one main goal, to make an impressive profit margin. With the business model being heavily reliant upon the number of projects, the most simple way to improve your margins is to lessen the time spent on site and increase the number of happy clients you can work with within the year. 

SIP Panels are the latest and greatest trends within the construction industry. Offering business owners a simple yet profitable solution when developing home extensions and SIP builds. These panels are a direct replacement to the traditional timber framing that is found in nearly every property in the UK, giving clients a more energy-efficient home whilst keeping your teams time spent on the site to a minimum. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing the key benefits of using SIP Pannels for your construction projects helping you make the big decision if this is the right move for your company moving forward into the new year. 

Reducing Time Spent On-Site

Construction companies around the globe are turning to SIP panels to help keep timescales short and profit margins large. Because they are put together offsite, it means that all your team need to do is specify the dimensions and pick up the final product. Installing SIP panels are so simple as they are designed to fit your property, no need to cut down timber frames ever again, simply put up the SIP wall panels and fix them in place. It’s so easy that many homeowners are taking on these projects all by themselves, be ahead of the trend and invest in structurally insulated panels today. 

Offsite Prefabricated For Quality

Allowing aspects of your construction projects to be built offsite is key to ensuring quality. Whilst your team may have a great eye for attention to detail it can always be safer to allow your the strict factory quality checks to be there enabling your builds to come together like parts in a mechanical watch. As the mains structure of your project is put together offsite you can ensure the highest of quality when you get the final product. No drafts coming in through the frames, all should fit together perfectly and create an extremely strong final result. 

Highly insulated Home Extensions 

As we move forward into 2021 the importance of energy efficiency will continue to grow in popularity. Homeowners are always looking for new ways to save money when it comes to their energy bills and extensions are no exception. SIP panels have a U-Values as low as 0.10 which is extremely good by modern-day building standards. Thanks to these construction panels having a layer of quality insulation running through the middle of them it can take a fair amount of time for heat to escape. This ensures that homeowners are not wasting their precious money on energy bills which can be a key selling point for your business. 

Modern Finish To Your Projects

Sleek modern designs are everything when it comes to home improvements. Everyone is looking for that edge which is going to wow their neighbours and SIP panels are the perfect solution to deliver. By choosing this as the solution to your construction projects you can almost guarantee that the finish will be second to none. The smooth exterior of the panels can be finished off in several ways which always ensures that you can find a styling option that helps blend in with the rest of the property. Whether you working on a new build or a traditional victorian style property, SIP panels enable to you create a truly bespoke finish which is fit to the client’s requirements. 

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