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What To Consider in Choosing a Pet-friendly Flooring

Our pets have a significant place in our hearts—and our house. Undeniably, they are considered an important part of the family that is why we should also consider which type of flooring materials should be used that will be good enough for these good friends of ours. They must feel comfortable and we must consider how they might be standing up on their claws, muddy paws, and of course, how our flooring might contribute or prevent an injury for them.

Only a few of the flooring materials can be considered pet and owner friendly and one of them is concrete—the best option among all other flooring materials. Here are a few of the reasons why having a concrete flooring is the best thing you can do to help your pets find comfort in where they walk, stand, and even run their hearts out.

  1. Resistance to Stain and Odor

The pores in a concrete flooring must be sealed with a protective film-forming sealer so that urine and other fluids can’t seep into the floor and leave behind stain and odor that are inevitably hard to remove. Make sure that if you are using concrete flooring, it is sealed and if they aren’t, you will experience trouble removing them unless you use products that will help you remove them such as Urine Off from Bio-Pro Research.

  1. Easy to Clean

Your pets, little by little and even one-time big time, can shed off fur from time to time and you will need flooring that won’t get messed up bad having to deal with such mess. Your pet may come home muddy, rain-soaked, and worst. Therefore, choosing a concrete flooring material might be a very good idea for they are easy to clean and will not make it too much of a hassle, you may check Fluid Concrete for more ideas. Just a few swipes and mops, your concrete flooring will go back to its original state. The mess? All gone.

  1. Pest free

Yes, you got that right. Some of our pets may have fleas, pet dander, or mites. Therefore, you need a flooring material where these pests won’t be able to hide. Your pet might also have pet danders or flakes of skin to be shed from time to time and can cause trouble to those with sensitive allergies. Concrete types of floors also won’t get fleas or mites so you no longer have to worry if they will get stuck there or not.

  1. Non-toxic

Concrete floors that are stained with non-toxic pigments will not cause harm to your pets. Other flooring materials emit Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs and they are naturally harmful to both men and animals. Some adhesives that we are using in our floorings can also have VOCs and therefore, continuous use of non-concrete floorings can have long term harmful effects on you and your pets.

  1. Scratch-resistance

All pets can be playful, and too naughty—causing your flooring more, well, much of a scratch that cannot be treated unless you replace the entire area’s flooring. Your pet’s claws may seem cute in the beginning but when they grew up, no matter how small they are, their claws will continue to make scratches everywhere that is why, choosing a concrete flooring is a good option knowing that this type of flooring is scratch-resistant and if they are protected by a good sealer or floor wax, they can be visually scratch proof.

  1. Heating

Because hot air is lesser in density than cold air, hot air usually rises and therefore, the floor might be too cold for our loved pets. Concrete floorings, fortunately, can be possibly heated using radiant heating so you can still make your pets comfortable as they continue sleeping, eating, and even playing on the floor. Save a big amount on your energy bill by choosing a good concrete flooring so you can still use the saved amount for other expenses or maybe, pamper your good pets with some grooming.

To conclude, we may not always consider having a pet so we can choose floorings that are glass types and the like for aesthetics but when the time comes that we have to create our homes or redecorate our homes, we must consider quite a lot of what-ifs with the kind of flooring materials we will use. If the time comes that I will consider taking a pet, will my pet feel safe and comfortable walking, playing, and eating on the floor? Or the flooring that I have will contribute to his or her discomfort or injury because his claws or paws cannot get a good grip on it?

If we truly care about our pets, we will always start with good flooring—where they usually stay. And make them feel special with the way we pamper them on other things.

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