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When It's Time for Junk Removal Who Do You Call?

During the course of both our business lives and our professional careers, we tend to gather goods and assets which serve no useful purpose. Whether it is an office with a long-neglected storeroom filled with those old fax machines, dented filing cabinets or equipment that has simply become outdated, or our garage which still has that rowing machine or boxes filled with decades-old paperwork and broken household goods (and let's face it you really don't need your great aunts moldy paisley patterned couch) the time comes when we must consider getting rid of the junk which is cluttering up our lives.

The necessity of getting rid of this detritus usually becomes urgent when we are faced with circumstances of upheaval. your business may need to relocate to larger premises or your family may be moving to a new home out of state. In those (and similar) circumstances you do not want to go to the expense of moving items that have little to no utilitarian value.

You also don't need to continue to store those goods in a new location or be at risk of starring in a TV show like 'Hoarders'. When you are faced with a situation like this you have two choices (depending on the amount of junk involved) - you can rent a dumpster and do the removal yourself - or you can call in the professionals. Remember a couple of things before attempting to move the junk yourself. If there are a large number of items the process is going to be time-consuming. There is also the fact that items can be both heavy and unwieldy (back injuries are always a possibility) and the fact that spiders are also an issue (no one wants to be bitten by a Black Widow or Brown Recluse) getting a professional junk removal company to do the heavy lifting might be the best approach.

Before even briefing the junk removal company on the scale of the job some planning is in order. Take a look at the excess items - and think logically about what is essential and what should be disposed of. Emotions need to be set aside. Junior's first Big Wheel might hold sentimental value, but seeing that he's a partner in a law firm now it's unlikely he'll be using it again - it has to go.

Then there is the idea of the garage sale. There may very well be items that another family can use (think of that Big Wheel). Holding a garage sale is also a great way to raise some cash for a move or to offset the cost of using a professional junk removal company.

When it comes time to select that junk removal company make sure they are bonded and insured. Read some online reviews and compare costs (make sure to compare apples with apples in terms of what is being offered). If you want to go that extra mile and care for the planet ask if they recycle those goods that allow for this approach.

With a little research and some planning, the job of junk removal need not provide too much of a challenge. find the right service provider and you will soon be free of the clutter that has been an unwanted part of your life.


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