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Why Protective Eyewear is So Important

As employees we’re often given a book or sheet containing a number of guidelines and regulations that encourage us to wear certain items of clothing when working in certain environments to help keep us safe. Many see these guidelines as “over the top” and “unnecessary”, while others follow them to the letter to keep themselves safe from harm.

Those working in industries using lasers, flames, sparks and hazardous materials should all be wearing safety goggles on a compulsory basis, helping to keep any particles from getting into the eye and causing serious or irreparable damage.

Thousands of people are injured each year by loose particles coming up and hitting them in the eye because they weren’t wearing adequate eye protection.

A common misconception is that they’ll be fine because they are wearing their prescription glasses, or that because they’re working outdoors sunglasses will suffice. In many cases these glasses are not strong enough to withstand certain materials, and you could end up making things worse with parts of the glasses themselves damaging the eye too.

There are a variety of different styles of safety goggles and glasses on the market, enabling you to choose the style that suits your requirements best. Some people, such as welders, will require a more substantial style, such as the traditional hinged helmet kind of protection, while builders might require the clear goggles that provide all-round protection across and around the eyes.

Of course, if the worst were to happen and something was to get into your eye, you need to ensure that you have something to hand in an attempt to either remove the hazardous object or substance. Eyewash stations should be positioned around the workplace allowing you to either make your way, or be guided, to the solution that will help to remove it. If the object or substance cannot be removed using the eyewash, then immediate medical attention should be sought by going to hospital.

You should never take any risks when it comes to your own personal safety, or that of others, and your eyesight should be valued. It’s only once you’ve lost your vision that you could truly appreciate how much you can’t do so don’t take that risk, make sure you wear the protective equipment provided, or insist that you are given some.

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