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4 Tips for Choosing Home Builders In Olympia, Wa

Are you interested in having a custom home built? Have you already come up with a floor plan idea? In order to turn your sketches into an actual build, you need the assistance of a professional home builder.

These constructors provide clients with an opportunity to choose between production and custom builds. There is a myriad of reputable home builders in Olympia, WA, assisting families in creating their dream houses.

Follow these practical tips to choose the best constructor in Olympia.

Think about your needs

In order to choose the right builder, future homeowners are advised to define their needs first. Constructors specialize in different types of house structures, styles, and sizes. Consequently, you need a professional that matches your exact requirements.

The initial thing to bear in mind is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you wish your new residence to have. Make sure you consider your future, not just your existing needs in order to avoid reconstructions after a couple of years.

Another point of consideration is the style of the house, which plays a significant role in its curb appeal. There’s a vast assortment of house styles to choose from, ranging from country French-style, colonial-style, and Victorian houses to Tudor-style, contemporary, Italianate, and Cape Cod residences. Look for photos of each style in order to make a better comparison of their features and character.

Ultimately, you’re expected to identify the project budget, as constructors vary in their price ranges. The cost of building a house involves plenty of expenses, the highest of which are those related to the framing, foundation, roofing, plumbing, and flooring. Go to this site to check out the main components of a house frame.

Choose between a custom and production build

Once you define your basic needs, it’s time to choose between custom and production build. The former is suitable for individuals with no wish to participate in the selection of design elements. Production builds are usually part of an entire neighborhood of houses with identical floor plans. Homeowners are only allowed to provide their option about a few features, such as the flooring, countertops, and exterior paint.

Custom builds, on the other hand, enable future homeowners to design their homes from scratch by consulting with their builders. They’re able to choose the location of the residence, the materials used in the construction process, the design elements, as well as the floor plan. Nevertheless, these projects are less predictable as far as budget and timelines are concerned. You need to be flexible and trust your ideas in the hands of a reliable builder.

Pay a visit to model homes

After compiling a shortlist of the three most promising builders in Olympia, make sure to pay a visit to their model homes. Instead of looking at their portfolios with photographs of their previous projects, why not see their work in person? Visiting such sites is the best way for potential homeowners to gain insight into the materials and work quality of constructors.

Start by looking at the design features of the builds, as well as the professionalism of subcontractors. Pay close attention to the job sites in search of safety issues. Also, analyze the floor plans so as to check whether these fit your layout and space requirements. See the following link,, for an overview and some examples of floor plans.

Conduct interviews

Interviewing the prospects is highly recommended in order for future homeowners to gain a better understanding of the construction process and the reputation of constructors. During the interviews, Olympia builders should provide you with information regarding their license, insurance, and experience record.

Furthermore, you’re advised to inquire about the number of homes they’ve built in the past and the materials they use in the construction process. Additionally, learn everything there is to know about the fees, projected cost, and timeline. It’s important to get familiar with the type of warranties constructors offer to clients and the costs these guarantees cover. Also, make sure you learn about the way in which they handle delays.

Final word

Home is where your heart is.

Therefore, hire the best builder to help you create it!

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