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Dedicated Spaces for Your Home

When it comes to home improvement, and I’m not talking about the 90’s sitcom starring Tim Allen, it can be a real struggle. Not only does it require a lot of your time and money, but it’s also demanding of your imagination. After all, how do you manifest perfect in any context, let alone that of your home? Your living space is an extension of yourself, and so you owe it to yourself to make it a flawless representation of the resident. Again, it can be a real struggle to know what you want out of your dream home, so it can be difficult to even make it through the planning stages of your home improvement project, but that’s where I come in. Here are a few ideas that you can use for your next home improvement project, and, if not, you can always use them as inspiration, just to get the ball rolling.

First and foremost, consider the power of dedicated spaces. A dedicated space, for the uninitiated, is exactly what it sounds like, space that is dedicated to a certain purpose. An office, for example, is a space dedicated to your work. Likewise, there are a litany of ways you can use this principle to your advantage during renovation. One way is to create a garage for your prized snowmobile, for example. You can even decorate it with some photos of you on your ride, mid jump, a cloud of snow rolling behind you. If you don’t have any rad photos like this, feel free to watch this video for the inspiration to go create some for the occasion. Another way you can use dedicated space is by created a home studio or office. Whether you’re a writer, a painter, or just bringing some work home with you, a home office or studio is a great way to simply work better by having a dedicated space that ensures focus via isolation. Or, just peace of mind. Whatever you need, an office or studio is sure to provide, and you can even combine the two, assuming you have a large enough desk for your artwork. A home gym is another great use of dedicated space. We all need to exercise, but getting to the gym multiple times a week can be stretching our tight schedules pretty thin, so many of us simply forego this necessity. However, you can bring the gym to you by simply using a spare room to your advantage. You’ll need to stock it with some high end equipment to get the most out of it, but that’s ultimately a small price to pay when weighed against a pricey, and monthly, gym membership or the health cost of neglecting your exercise regimen. Dedicated spaces are a useful way to improve your quality of life in a variety of ways. There are so many ways for this idea to benefit you that you’d be a fool not to take advantage and create a dedicated space of your own.

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