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How to Remove Odor from Carpets

Smelly carpet? Oh no, this is something we don’t want, most especially inside our houses. Carpets are usually found in our living rooms and entertainment areas. Having a smelly carpet while we are trying to relax is not exactly a good thing.

So, what causes odor in carpets? How can we eliminate them? How can we avoid having smelly carpets? 

Causes of Odor


For some reason, our pets do love our carpets, right? They like to hang and lie on our carpets. No matter how trained our pets are, there will still be instances that may poop or pee in the carpet.  Even the body odor of our pets can stick around the fabric of carpets.


Younger children like to play on the carpets. They bring toys and other objects they want to experiment on.  If we don’t watch over our kids, they might end up spilling awful smelling liquid that can also stain the carpet.


Mold grows through moisture, oxygen, food source, and a surface. Mold is naturally occurring in the air, especially in colder seasons.  Usually, a mold grows from a damp or wet spot. They feed on the dust.  With increased moisture, mildew and mold can form underneath your carpet. 

Poorly Cleaned Spills

Spilling beverages and other liquids on carpets is a very common cause for smelly carpets. If you don’t clean it immediately and well enough, the carpet will surely smell.

Tips to Remove Odor from Carpets


One popular and effective method is using baking soda. Sprinkle it on the carpet. It can absorb excess moisture and help remove foul odor.  After putting baking soda, vacuum clean it. Repeat procedure until you don’t smell the unpleasant odor anymore.

Essential oil can also help get rid of odor from carpets.  In a container, mix a few drops of the essential oil with baking soda. Pour this over the carpet. Then vacuum it also. Your carpet should smell really good after.

Vinegar can also help. You may be wondering, but vinegar in itself smells bad! How can that even help the carpet? Don't worry, once the vinegar dries completely, it becomes odorless. Vinegar is helpful in absorbing unpleasant small things. We recommend using white vinegar. Put vinegar in a spray bottle. Then spray that on the carpet.  Let it dry completely. Repeat as necessary.

Professional Cleaner

If you don’t have time to deodorize your carpet, the best alternative is to hire a professional cleaner. Get an expert to deal with your smelly carpet. The good news is that they can work on any type of carpet. They will also sanitize and not just remove the foul odor.

So what do carpet cleaners do to remove odor? They clean the top fibers making sure they do not wet the carpet backing. If the carpet is relatively cleaner, less water will be used. Dirtier carpets need more water. Heavily stained and very dirty carpets will take a longer time to dry.

Sticky Smell

There are smells that take longer to remove despite doing the usual ways to deodorize. One bad smell is similar to a wet dog smell, which can last two to three days. It can even last up to one month.

This is not normal. When this happens, it means there is contamination on the carpet. The cause for this can be heavy food or drink like milk spillages. Vomit is also another cause. If you have pets, the odor can be from your pet's body oil or vomit.

Re-cleaning might not really solve the problem. You might end up being frustrated in trying to remove the foul smell. To neutralize this unusual sticky smell, apply antimicrobial or germicide. You can also call a professional carpet cleaner to help with this issue.

Length of Time to Clean and Deodorize Carpet

The type of carpet is a major factor in how long a carpet dries.  Synthetic carpets dry quicker. Woolen carpets take longer to dry.

Weather is also a determinant. Hanging your carpet to dry sunny weather will definitely dry your carpet faster. 

To hasten the drying process, turn on fans and leave windows open. It normally takes one to two hours before you can walk on the carpet.

Preventing Carpet from Foul Odor

For sure you have heard of the saying, “ an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. This is not only  for health conditions but can also apply to carpets! So, what can you do to prevent your carpet from smelling bad?

The first tip is to ensure proper ventilation, especially if there is a smoker inside the house. Air circulation is important to avoid bad smells being trapped in the fabrics of carpets.

Humidity also results in mildew or mold which causes bad smell. You can buy dehumidifiers that you can use inside your house.

Another important tip is to always keep your floor clean. It is best to vacuum clean your carpet regularly. If there is a stain, remove them immediately. Delaying to clean the carpet after a stain will only worsen the problem. It is also best to always deodorize your carpet as often as you can.

There are many cleaning and deodorizing products available in the market. Choose a reputable brand. Use those at home to remove offensive smell.

If you need professional help in deodorizing and carpet cleaning Scarborough, call us at Boas Cleaning Services. We will be glad to assist you in removing any foul or sticky odor from your carpet.

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