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The Importance of Utility Location for Home Builders

Have you ever heard of utility locating services? And have you ever wondered what utility locating services are? No issues, we’ve got you covered.

Any time that a contractor, or even a homeowner, needs to dig into the ground, they run the risk of hitting utility pipes and wires. Not only can this be costly if the lines are accidentally cut or damaged, but it can also prove to be very dangerous. A utility locator visits the site before a project begins and locates the exact area and depth of each type of utility on the property.

The types of utility locating services

Utility location can be used to find communications, power, gas, sewer, and water utilities before excavation. These are a couple of technologies employed in practice depending on need and application

  1. Non-destructive vacuum excavation

Building sites filled with workers anxiously digging to find utilities is a thing of the past. You can safely prevent utility damage by using this non-destructive method of excavation. Using a strong vacuum, soil and debris is removed from the desired area in a safe manner, protecting utilities.

  1. Concrete scan:

3D structure scanning efficiently and effectively reveals obstacles embedded in concrete. This reduces the risk of machinery damage, personal injuries and costly repairs that could set back your project.

  1. Ground penetrating radar:

This subsurface imaging technology uses multi frequency antennae to develop 3D underground images. The procedure is completely non-invasive but does require specialists to interpret the results. 2D Ground Penetrating radars are available at a reduced cost and are easier to use for construction teams.

Importance of Utility Locating Services

Digging underground can be a daunting and difficult task requiring precision especially due to the presence of underground pipes and electrical cables. If not done properly and efficiently, it can lead to costly damage and delays. It is therefore recommended to hire the services of a local utility locating company or at least a builder with the tools necessary to detect utilities.

Today, many local companies are available to help with utility location services at reasonable prices. Using advanced underground scanning and surveying equipment some can even produce detailed 3D underground maps allowing builders and contractors to work with confidence.

Benefits of Utility Locating Services

You are excited to install the pool of your dreams in your backyard finally, but there are some tasks you need to complete first.  One important service you need to be fulfilled is locating any utilities underground such as electric and gas lines.  For public utilities, state agencies will locate them, but you are responsible for locating any private utilities. 

Professional contractors can locate your private utilities easily with ground-penetrating radar and frequency locating technology. Providing a complete package of underground scanning services requires top-grade equipment. There are also considerations when it comes to harder to reach areas or landscapes that make scanning difficult.

Preparation and modern equipment is key, which is why there is always more than one way to approach an underground scan. Not only can visibility and location be provided with the service, but it also identifies the type of utility in the ground.


Building projects generally have strict time restrictions and encountering unexpected delays can really throw a spanner in the works. Utility scanning provides a safety net for builders and contractors by providing vital information about the build site.

Even though some of these technologies require the help of experts, they do make a big difference in reducing build times and costs. So check in with your local expert and enquire about their range of services.

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